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The Best Ear Trainer App For iPhone

Finding the best ear trainer for iOS is not easy. Let me introduce you to what I believe to be the best ear training app for iOS.

ChordProg 2 Ear training App

ChordProg 2 Ear trainer is the #1 ear training app for chord practice! Learn to play by ear with this great ear training app!Learning to learn music by ear has never been easier!

8 Ear training and Music theory channels to follow!

Here are five people to follow for ear training and music theory tips in 2018! The list is in no particular order!

7 Reasons to do ear training!

If you don't know why you should do ear training, read on! You get plenty of benefits from doing ear training! Here are some of them...

Does Jacob Collier have perfect pitch and do I need it to be a musician?!

A question that sometimes comes up is... Do you need perfect pitch to become a musician? The answer is no, you do hower need really good relative pitch!

Am I tone deaf??

Ear training can be a very daunting thing and can be very frightening especially if you're not confident in your ear! Many people think they are tone deaf. But...

Creating the best ear trainer on the web!

I'm trying to create the best ear trainer on the internet! Here is how, why and a little bit about me!

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