The Best Ear Trainer App For iPhone

Whats the best ear trainer for iphone?

Short answer download the ear trainer here:

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ChordProg Ear Trainer 2

ChordProg Ear Trainer 2 has all of the features you would expect from an ear training app. It contains exercises that deal with intervals, chords, and scales! It is a perfect fit if you are pursuing higher music education. What makes it a bit different from other ear trainers is that it uses real audio to train chords. There are of course simple drills as well, but by using audio clips to teach chord recognition, you get the context of the chords as well, which is part of what makes the chord meaningful in any given context. 

Interval training!

There are also fun exercises when it comes to learning to recognize intervals. There is a simple interval recognition game as you would expect with ascending, descending, and harmonic intervals. There is also an interval progression game where you get random intervals generated in a progression of intervals. Recognizing even simple intervals can be a challenge when the intervals are played in fast succession with no real musical connection between them, buts it real fun ear training, you should give it a go!

Detailed ear training stats!

As you play stats are also collected in all games that tells you how you are progressing on the different harmonic structures. On your profile page, you get the overall stats forexample you accuracy on major chords across all games.

At the end of each level in any game, stats are also shown for that particular level broken down by harmonic type(chord, interval, etc...)

Whether you are looking for the best ear trainer for iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets you should give ChordProg Ear Trainer 2 a chance.

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