ChordProg 2 Ear training App

ChordProg 2, is an ear training app(ChordProg 2 Ear Trainer). It's been 5-months in development and is now finally available both for ios and Android.

Developing a perfect ear can be a challenge, and most ear training apps are not great. You learn things that are taken out of the very context that provides meaning for the concepts you are learning. ChordProg 2 tries to bring you closer to the real world of music and not only static chords played in root position on a single instrument.

• ✅ Ear training

• ✅ Chord training

• ✅ Interval training

• ✅ Scale training

• ✅ Tools for teachers

• ✅ Chord progression examples

ChordProg 2, makes use of real audio clips to teach you how to recognize chord progressions. With 1000+ audio clips, there is a lot of material to practice with on your commutes or downtime where you don't have access to your instrument.

The app also has new innovative ways of doing ear training and its the most comprehensive ear trainer on the app store today. If you have to pass an ear training test to get into a music school, this will help you prepare.

The app has exercises for interval recognition, chord recognition, scale recognition as well as exercises for helping you to recognize chord progressions.

My goal is to provide you with the best collection of ear training games on the app store. And the app is updated regularly with new features and ear training tools.

Whether you are a music student or music teacher, the app has exercises you can use in your classes or in your exploration of music theory.

Learn to develop a perfect ear with this ear training app. ChordProg Ear Trainer 2 builds upon the success of the first app and continues the ChordProg legacy. New features, as well as stats and backup capabilities, are now included so you can take your progress with you once you switch phones.

If you are a teacher, you can use the audio clips in your music classes as examples of different progressions. 

If you purchased ChordProg 1 before May 31, 2019, you get ChordProg 2 for free. You can get your promo code to unlock ChordProg 2 in the last version of ChordProg 1. Update the first app and get your promo code to the new app!

Whether you are a music student or music teacher, there is probably something useful in the app if you're into ear training. 

ChordProg 2 Ear Trainer for Android:

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