Creating the best ear trainer on the web!

My name is Jørgen Andersen. I have a little bit of a obsessive personality. Around two years ago a set out to create my first fully featured ear training app for mobile. I spent months learning everything I needed to know. After months of hard work I published my app to the app store and playstore. This time around I'm going back to the good old web

Why not a native app?

There are multiple reasons for this. But the number one reason is that I can create more stuff and reach more people! Also the webstacks capabilities to deliver high quality content is really coming along nicely, and even audio work that are generally processor heavy can now be done on the web!

Another Ear trainer...really?

Yuuup! I'm not really a fan of the ear trainers that exist today. I've always felt like a lot of them where just lazely developed static assets that really wasn't that useful when getting past the really basic stuff!

When I studied music I wish I had all the tools Im making for you guys today!

I'm trying to go fulltime!

So part of the reason why I wanted to go to the web platform to reach more people is that I'm trying to do this full time. After two year of a lot of work, Im getting a little bit burnt out. Because I'm not making a full time living(yet) of the ear training apps I've had to subsidise my income. That means I work 80 hour weeks every week without any days of. I love to develop these apps but if this site fails, I can't justify doing more development in the ear training/music theory niche!

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