Getting started

About the youtube looper tool

The Youtube Looper Tool is a special tool that gives you fine-tuned control over the music playback of any youtube video!

Fine-tuned control!

As someone who has done my fear share of youtube scrubbing when learning new songs, I can tell you. It's a pain! With the looper tool, you can split the timeline into smaller chunks. This gives you better control when your learning new songs to hit the precise timestamp you wanted.

Loop sections!

Looping sections in youtube videos are done with setting loop points! Loop points can be added by using the + or - buttons or with the shortcuts CTRL + L(windows) or ALT + L (Mac).

Loop point navigation!

When a loop point is added you can navigate between them using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Double tapping on the left arrow will skip on loop point backward. Pressing the left arrow ones will result in the playback starting from the beginning of the loop point! Pressing the right arrow starts the playback at the next loop point!

Add chords!

You can add chords to display at certain times of video. This can be a great tool for learning new songs!

In-depth overview

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